Welcome to the Medina Community Design Committee

Formed in 1967, the Medina Community Design Committee is a growing organization whose members are active and concerned residents, and continues to thrive today because of these members.  Join us and support our shared vision of Medina.

On the move: In 1985, the Medina Community Design Committee saved the Munson House from the wrecking ball, moving it to 141 Prospect Street.

[Grassroots preservation] is empty pocketbooks, bloody fingers, and private satisfactions. It is long hours, hard work, and no pay. It is a personal dialogue with ghosts. It is a face-to-face confrontation with the past... It is an equation between self and history so powerful that it makes us lie down in front of bulldozers, raise toppled statues, salvage old boats.
— Peter Neill 45th National Preservation Conference [1991]

Thank You to All Who Attended our 11/13/2013 Presentation on The Medina County Courthouse. Presentation Visuals and Video are available on the Courthouse Presentation Page.